Unfortunately, fatigue is a problem that takes the joy out of life for many people on a daily basis. Maybe the person working next to you, a family member, or even yourself has felt the effects of being too tired to go about your day-to-day activities properly. The fatigue causes you to lack the energy to enjoy life with your friends and family.

Fatigue can range from a chronic tired feeling to a more pronounced physical and psychological depression that drains your energy. Fatigue is a warning sign that something is wrong, either physically or emotionally, with your health. To ignore this symptom is a mistake. Many people struggle through life believing that is normal or it will go away on its own. In general, fatigue does not go away by itself, and it certainly is not normal!

There are many supposed causes for fatigue – from diet to improper medications. Most people simply want to feel better and put the spark back in their life. It is possible to get your energy back and start enjoying your life again, but you have to take the first step. Ask your doctor how ProAdjuster technology can be a part of the process of overcoming your fatigue.


Getting a restful night of sleep is an absolute requirement. It is not an option. Your body must sleep and replenish itself for you to operate at an optimal level. For many people, a good night sleep is something they only daydream about because, night after night, they do not get the rest their body requires.

There are many types of sleep disorders, night pains, daytime dozing, insomnia, sleep apnea, and daytime fatigue to mention only a few. Whatever the problem is, do not ignore it. You must sleep for your body to recover, or your health will suffer.

Some people resort to sleeping pills or other non-natural methods to induce sleep. Quite often, these are only a temporary fix to a deeper problem. Getting to bed on a regular schedule, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, and sleeping in a comfortable position can all be helpful. However, sometimes, even these are not enough. By bringing your body into balance, the harmony of nature can often lend itself to provide what your need – a restful night of sleep! Ask your doctor how ProAdjuster technology can be a successful part of alleviating your sleep disturbances.